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Don’t just cover up in the Florida sun — drink up, JU’s Hausenblaus tells Tampa newspaper

People in Florida and other humid climates should worry as much about drinking up as covering up with sunscreen on a sunny summer day, Heather Hausenblaus, Jacksonville University associate professor of exercise science, said in a Tampa Tribune article.


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Learn2Earn high school students experience college life on JU campus

By Chelsea Wiggs

JU Communications Major

First Coast High School student Kiana Moore’s recent Learn2Earn week-long stay on JU’s campus gave her the type of instruction she can’t get in a textbook.

“It was a great learning experience,” she said. …

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First Coast News: JU’s White says TV shows like ‘Megaladon’ promote fake science, get on his nerves

Unlike more than 70 percent of Discovery Channel viewers who participated in a recent survey, Dr. Quinton White says he’s certain that the Megaladon giant prehistoric shark species doesn’t exist today.

Therein lies White’s beef with pseudo-documentaries such as Discovery …

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