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JU grad, economist pens eBook on ‘how to approach a lady’


Some people write books about economics.

Some write about soccer.

And some write about talking to ladies at clubs.

Jacksonville University alumnus (’10) Chris Lai of Kingston, Jamaica, probably could do any of these – but he chose to focus on the latter for his first book, “The Lai Detector,” available electronically on Amazon.com.

After graduating from JU with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics, Lai returned to his native country, where he works as an economist for the Planning Institute of Jamaica.  In addition to writing, Lai spends his spare time coaching soccer.

Wave Weekly reached out to Lai by e-mail for this fun Q&A with the budding author.

WAVE WEEKLY: Why this topic? Is approaching ladies a Chris Lai specialty?

CHRIS LAI: “As much as I would love to say that approaching ladies is my forte, I am not trying to get in trouble with my girlfriend. Maybe I could get testimonies from friends and acquaintances. Seriously, though, I chose this topic because I am comfortable talking to women. Many guys are unable to confidently introduce themselves to a lady and engage them in an easy-going conversation. This includes males who are good-looking, intelligent, funny, wealthy, etc. I do not know it all, but on many occasions I have been able to assist friends and acquaintances in this regard. They have really appreciated my advice and, therefore, I decided to organize my experiences and thoughts into a book that can help single males in various settings. Wow, it was really difficult to answer this question without sounding conceited.”

WW: What’s the bottom-line advice in your book for single men about approaching women?

CL: “Do away with all the clichéd approaches and introduce yourself with confidence. Never be taken aback by her beauty, embrace the opportunity to meet her.”

WW: If you would have had this advice when you were younger, would it have helped?

CL: “Definitely! When I was younger, I would become very nervous at times or wait indefinitely until I lost the chance to introduce myself. Good advice would have been very useful during those days. ‘The Lai Detector’ will provide you with invaluable insights on how to approach a lady. This will increase your confidence level.”

WW: So … are you still approaching ladies, or are you hitched? (In other words, did your own advice work?)

CL: “I am indebted to my advice. At the moment, my beautiful girlfriend is actually hugging me around the neck with her cheek gently placed on the side of my face while I am typing this sentence. Hopefully this response answers the question.”

WW: Are there more books in your future?

CL: “Yes! I am in process of brainstorming for an interesting topic to write about. More than likely, the next book I write will be linked to ‘The Lai Detector.’ Please let any JU student know that they may feel free to contact me at chris.paul.lai@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that they may have.”

“The Lai Detector” is available as an eBook for $3 from Amazon.com; click here to order it or for more information.

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  1. Shari Taylor-Noel

    As JU alumni ’10, I’m looking forward to reading the book to support my colleague and friend Chris Lai!