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Fall 2016

Going Global

JU is aggressively moving to create a more globally aware student body with new approaches and programs that are better preparing students for the modern world.

By Jack Roth

One of the highlights of my trip was touring the southwestern

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Collaboration, Community, & Critical Thinking: Black Knight’s Shining Example


Logan James started an internship at Black Knight Financial Services in 2007 as an undergraduate studying finance and management. Having finished his MBA at JU in 2009, he’s now Vice President and Manager of one of the Jacksonville company’s customer

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The 24/7 Classroom: Video Studio Leads the Way to On-Demand Academics for Students

Faculty at JU have long been leaders in delivering course content in creative ways to enhance their students’ learning experience, and now the University’s technology is catching up with their spirit and initiative.

As part of JU’s Florida EPIC (Entrepreneurism,

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The Kree Clark Creed

Though it may not be carved in stone anywhere or displayed in lights for all to see, recent Davis College of Business graduate and student-athlete Kree Clark lives by her own personal code:

“Because of hardships, I am strong. Because

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The Impact of a Legacy

Four Generations of Alumni Foster Tradition of Service and Dedication to JU

Originally printed in the Fall 2016 issue of WAVE magazine.


John F. Sessions had just received the diagnosis. He was facing a battle against a brain tumor. There

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