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Honoring courage and vision during Black History Month

As we celebrate Black History Month, we reflect upon the accomplishments, courage and vision of our African-American community, as well as of those from across the entire African diaspora who have excelled in ways both big and small.

We join in remembrance and honor not only the famous and venerated, but those less known and celebrated, who have achieved in every endeavor, overcoming sometimes immense challenge and obstacles, and in every field, from civil rights to science to public service to the arts to education and more.

Please take time not just during this important month, but throughout the year, to appreciate the rights and freedoms we all enjoy in our great country, many that have arisen as a broader outgrowth of the hard work and sacrifice of this nation’s African Americans. One such individual, Anna Kingsley, a slave who gained her freedom and eventually owned her own land and ran a plantation, settled on land that is now the Jacksonville University campus. Arlington’s connection to black history runs rich and deep, and we honor it.

Please keep in close touch with Student Services, as we join in discussion and celebration across our campus in honor of Black History Month. Among many other activities citywide, you can also find out about presentations and events occurring at Jacksonville Public Library locations across Duval County, by visiting http://www.jaxpubliclibrary.org/events/blackhistory.

Let us join together also in respectful observance of esteemed members of our own Jacksonville University family who remain committed to the success of each and every student striving to reach new heights in our nurturing learning environment.




Tim Cost


Jacksonville University

Class of 1981