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JU Welcome Wave surprises future Dolphin

Welcome Wave Surprises Future Dolphins

National Decision Day 2021 marked more than the start of a student’s college commitment this year. For applicants to schools across the country, it was also a sign that they had accomplished so much more than the studies, tests and essays that precede an acceptance letter. Under the cloud of COVID, under virtual and in-person and hybrid learning conditions, they had emerged triumphant, with hope for their futures and the determination to pursue their dreams.

That is cause for celebration, and celebrate is exactly what Jacksonville University did. In honor of the incoming freshmen who made their deposits prior to National Decision Day on May 1, JU took to the road, rolling out a Welcome Wave across Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

With balloons and swag bags in tow, the Welcome Wave surprised several unsuspecting future Dolphins. The drive-by celebrations featured music, cheers, mascots and special guests including Jacksonville University President Tim Cost and former JU men’s basketball star Artis Gilmore. While the visits lasted only a few minutes, they left behind a trail of smiles and the sense of something brighter in their wake.

Members of the Welcome Wave posing in front of the Welcome Wave van.