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It’s a spooked-out English Department “Write-a-Thon” Wednesday in the Council building courtyard

“The Ghost of JU” is the topic of the English Department’s first “Write-a-Thon,” a frighteningly long student fundraiser starting at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25, in the Council building’s outdoor courtyard and not stopping until well after dark at 9 p.m.

Three students at a time will write for 15 minutes and can choose from three options: contribute to the continuous story titled “The Ghost of JU,” compose a brief poem or write a “short-short” story about the ghost of JU. Refreshments will be furnished for the participating writers and volunteers.

The finalized story will be edited and published, and poems or short-short stories may be submitted and published to the Aquarian, JU’s own award-winning literature and arts magazine.

“We are very excited to promote writing in a fun way with this campus-wide activity,” said Dr. Connie Duke. “We thought this would be a great way to showcase our writing students at JU.”

Supporters can sponsor students to participate, in any amount they choose ($1 or higher). Half of the proceeds will go to The Literacy Coalition of Jacksonville; the other half will go to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti, to pay toward the tuition of an orphaned child.

As a special incentive, the ENGL 103 class with the highest percentage of participation and highest amount of donations will receive a tasty treat during exam day. Whatever class year or major, though, the Write-a-Thon is open to any JU student, and it’s a great way to show creativity for a good cause!

Students can get the Write-a-Thon forms from any English faculty member, or at the Humanities Division’s main office, Council 118. The sign-up poster for writing and volunteering is also in the reception area of the Humanities Division office, Council 118.

Students participating should arrive at least 10 minutes before their committed time to write or volunteer. For further information, contact Dr. Connie Duke, Council 130, cduke1@ju.edu, or (561) 628-5705.