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Photographer, Educator, Professional Ballerina & JU MFA Student Marcia Brito Wows MOSH Guests

Jacksonville University student Marcia Brito currently has an exhibit at the Jacksonville’s Museum of Science & History (MOSH) with this week’s closing reception for “The Photographic Abstractions” on Friday, January 11, 2019, from 6 to 8 pm.

Untitled #1, Marcia Brito

The main concept is to use the photographic medium as a vehicle to produce abstract art. These photographs are colorful large-scale abstract images that aim at providing an intellectual escape in the face of life’s daily struggles.

“It is creating photographs that do not have the traditional primary use of a photograph, which is documentation, but rather the images are completely non-objective,” said Brito. It is up to the viewer to interpret the content of the piece, offering an endless possibility of signification and sign for the viewer.

The work seeks to balance negativity with joy through the colors, patterns, and textures that underlie reality. A few of the pieces were shot on location at the MOSH to show the other displays from a different perspective.

Untitled #3, Marcia Brito

Brito hopes her audience will experience an intellectual escape through the pieces. “The daily grind of life can be so serious and stressful,” she said. “I hope to give my audience a chance to escape and play when they see these images.”

Along with being a conceptual photographer and visual arts professor, Brito is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree. After being a professional ballerina, member of the Brazilian National Dancers Union as a teenager, and working in TV and film in Los Angeles for 20 years, she decided to go back to school to study the visual arts. There is an element of motion in her work in the “Photographic Abstractions” exhibit, influenced in part by her career in dance.

Untitled #6, Marcia Brito

Having her work displayed at the MOSH is an honor for Brito. “It is truly a first-class facility and the quality of exhibits they present is extremely high.”

The future is big for Brito. She plans on doing more exhibits and teaching at the university level. Her long term goal is to “continue to spread love through art.”

Brito’s exhibit will stay on view until January 24. For additional information and images of her work, visit britoart.com. Learn more about Jacksonville University and the Linda Berry College of Fine Arts.