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Philanthropy Spotlight: Forcura

During this season of giving, Jacksonville University would like to thank and spotlight its generous corporate donors for their support this past year. 

The Philanthropy Spotlight Series will start off with Forcura, a Jacksonville-based healthcare technology company. See why it chooses to donate to Jacksonville University’s UpSkill Institute and continues to hire JU graduates.

What is Forcura’s philanthropic philosophy?

Forcura is dedicated to improving the health, wellness and quality of life of the Jacksonville community. We know that investing in a strong, resilient and well-connected region benefits everyone, and strengthens our region’s position as a hub for innovation where all can be successful.

How does supporting Jacksonville University and the UpSkill Institute align with Forcura’s philanthropic values?

Jacksonville University and the UpSkill Institute are foundational to the success of the Jacksonville employer market, and for our city to be recognized as an innovation hub! As a growing healthcare technology company, Forcura is dependent on a workforce that is trained in both contemporary and bleeding-edge technology so we can continuously provide our clients with the tools they need to be dominant in their sector. We also require a robust workforce with the right skills to bring those products to market and provide outstanding support once sold. And as a company focused on healthcare, we know we need a diversity of opinions, lived experiences and backgrounds to keep us aligned with the needs of the broader healthcare community. 

On a small scale, Forcura knows it can depend on JU and the UpSkill Institute as a go-to resource to keep our business thriving with the best possible talent. When scaled across all employers in our region, we see JU and the Institute as an engine for powerful growth in business innovation.    

In addition to donations, what are other ways that Forcura supports Jacksonville University and its students?

Forcura is proud to support Jacksonville University by being a partner with JU’s Office of Career Management. We were proud to participate in the 2021 Career Expo, where students had the opportunity to network with Forcura team members and learn about internship and career opportunities. Additionally, in Spring 2022, Forcura will host students from the Zimmerman Scholars Program as they take a “Career Trek” at Forcura’s offices. We are thrilled to show off our offices and give these scholars a peek into a “Day in the Life” of a Forcura team member.

Forcura is dedicated to mining local talent first and foremost; partnering with a school of JU’s caliber to educate students about our career opportunities and recruiting them through internship programs is a win for both organizations. 

If you have JU students or graduates working at Forcura, how would you describe them as employees and how have they been able to contribute to the company?

Forcura currently employs four Jacksonville University alumni. These employees are valued members of the team contributing to our Sales, Client Experience and Technology teams. 

  • Greg VanOekel, ‘13/’18 – Team member of 3+ years. Current role: Senior Account Executive, Sales team. 
  • Lindsay Moritz, ‘16 – Team member of 3+ years. Current role: Sales Manager, Sales team. 
  • Lierin Grant, ‘11– Team member of nearly 1 year. Current role: Client Support Analyst, Client Experience team. 
  • Carolyn O’Neal, ‘20/’21 – Team member of 6+ months. Current role: Associate Software Engineer, Technology team.