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Philanthropy Spotlight: DHG

During this season of giving, Jacksonville University would like to thank and spotlight its generous corporate donors for their support this past year. 

The Philanthropy Spotlight Series will continue with DHG. See why it gives back to the Davis College of Business and why Jacksonville University graduates are a perfect fit at the company.

What is DHG’s philanthropic philosophy?

Our passion to serve goes well beyond the work we do for our clients. At DHG, we are passionate about supporting the well-being of our people, our broader community and our profession in ways that align with our mission, values and strategy. We strive to make an impact in these areas – health, teams, financial, community and sustainability. We also give back to our communities through the DHG Foundation, a philanthropic affiliate of DHG that financially supports education, hunger relief and disaster relief.        

How does supporting Jacksonville University and the Davis College of Business align with DHG’s philanthropic values?

At DHG, our goal is to make the lives of our team members, our clients and our communities better. One way we do so is supporting universities and future accounting and finance professionals through professional development. Professional development is such an important aspect of our culture at DHG and recognize that mentorships, internships and professional experience are irreplaceable for aspiring professionals to gain a deeper understanding and chart their own career path. This is one of the ways we fulfill our mission to create meaningful careers with all of our people and to help our clients achieve their goals.

In addition to donations, what are other ways that DHG supports Jacksonville University and its students?

We strive to help JU students have successful academic and professional careers and encourage our team members to lend their time, resources and knowledge to give back to the students at the Davis College of Business – this could be serving on a board or committee, sharing guidance on expectations for new graduates or offering insights on developmental opportunities.

A big piece of this is our involvement on campus at JU. We strive to recruit and retain best-in-class-talent and this process traditionally begins for accounting and finance students during their time on campus. Our current team member and two-time JU alumnus, Kashif Coppin, has been a propelling force to strengthen our presence on campus. We recognize the immense opportunity to engage and connect with students through campus recruiting events and on-campus groups, such as NABA and the Accounting Club.  It’s been an honor to work with the NABA Chapter since its initial launch and we always look forward to Meet the Firm events and networking opportunities with JU students. 

If you have JU students or graduates working at DHG, how would you describe them as employees and how have they been able to contribute to the company?

With all of our JU students, we’ve immediately noticed there was something different about these students – it feels like our cultures instantly click. JU’s approach to student development really empowers students to take control and we take a similar approach to career development at DHG. We’ve seen that JU students are team-oriented, goal driven, and willing to try new projects and take risks, which helps these professionals instantly create impact and find their niche within public accounting. We’ve had many successful JU alumni join the DHG team and we look forward to many more!