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JU’s new jet simulator getting even more “props” in the media

It’s a JU jet simulator that keeps getting “props” in the media.

The Davis Aviation Center’s new $500,000 flight simulator was the subject of a recent story on ActionNews’ TV 30 and 47, with reporter Tracy Collins testing out the device and interviewing faculty and students about its advantages.

Chad Kendall, assistant professor of aeronautics, told Collins the simulator puts Jacksonville University in the ranks of major aviation universities across the country.

“It allows the students to advance their training … and creates a bridge from intermediate light twin aircraft to jet aircraft,” he said.

See the video clip below:

The replica of a Bombardier CRJ-700 airliner cockpit uses Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport as its “home” runway. The gadget-filled training device with flashing buttons, realistic sounds and a wraparound screen is turning heads and giving JU aviation students valuable training time.

Aerosim Technologies built the simulator, which is the first of its kind in a higher-education institution in Northeast Florida, according to center director Juan Merkt.

JU student Patrick Jones told ActionNews that the simulator means “me and the rest of the students can learn to fly faster, more complex aircraft earlier on in our careers.”

JU student Jesse Gutenberger agreed.

“It gives me a real head start on the systems I’ll be working with in the military,” he told Collins.