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JU wins top honors at Fall Southeast Clay Target Regional Championship

Jacksonville University took top honors while hosting nine teams at the fifth annual Fall Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) Southeast Clay Target Regional Championship held recently at the Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Club.

The JU Varsity Shooting Team can now add HOA (High Overall) Main Event and HOA Sporting Clays regional champion to its trove of medals, which includes becoming the SCTP National Champion this past summer.

sctp shooting skeet logoIn addition, JU team member Ron Palazzetti was the Tournament Men’s HOA Champion on Saturday, while teammate Benji Felder was Sporting Clays Men’s HOA Champion the next day.

All told, 109 collegiate athletes from nine universities attended the Oct. 23-25 event. Jacksonville University took top honors in the Main Event on Saturday, Oct. 24, followed by Emmanuel College, FSU, University of Kentucky and Stetson in very tight numbers.

JU Varsity Shooting Team Head Coach David Dobson
JU Varsity Shooting Team Head Coach David Dobson

All schools competed in American Skeet, Trap & International Wobble Trap in the Main Event on Saturday. JU also took top honors the next day in the Sporting Clays event, followed by Emmanuel College, University of Kentucky, FSU and Virginia Tech.

SCTP (www.sssfonline.org) provided $20,000 in endowment funding for the event, to be deposited into the teams’ endowment accounts at MidwayUSA Foundation Inc. (www.midwayusafoundation.org).

The event takes place each fall and spring in Jacksonville and is hosted by JU, the founder of the contest. The next shoot is March 11-13, 2016, followed by the ACUI National Clay Target Championships in San Antonio.

For more information on JU Varsity Shooting, contact JU Shooting Team Founder and Head Coach David T. Dobson at (904) 285-9500, email ddobson1@ju.edu. For more about the Jacksonville University Sporting Clays, Skeet and Trap Team and how to join, click here.

Below are the final team and individual standings:

Saturday Main Event Champion Teams:

Jacksonville University: HOA – 695

Emmanuel College: RU – 692

FSU: Third – 464

University of Kentucky: Fourth – 627

Stetson University: Fifth- 611

Saturday High Overall Tournament Men’s Champion (HOA):    

Ron Palazzetti: HOA (JU – 143/150)

Trysten Routledge: RU (JU – 141/150)

Jeremy Jackson: Third (EC – 141/150)

Noah Adair: Fourth (EC – 140/150)

Brett Ollila: Fifth (JU – 140/150)

Saturday High Overall Tournament Women’s Champion (HOA):

Stephanie Beardsley: HOA (EC – 137/150)

Shelby Evans: RU (EC – 129/150)

Shelby LoPresto-Reynolds: Third (JU – 125/150)

Julianne Evans: Fourth (JU – 123/150)

Layne Dixon: Fifth (EC – 121/150)

SKEET (Individual Men’s):

Jeremy Jackson: HOA (EC – 49/50)

Brett Ollila: RU (JU – 49/50)

Garrett Strohm: Third (VT – 49/50)

Trysten Routledge: Fourth (JU – 49/50)

Noah Adair: Fifth (EC – 48/50)

SKEET (Individual Women’s):

Shelby Evans: HOA (EC – 45/50)

Shelby LoPresto-Reynolds: RU – (JU – 45/50)

Stephanie Beardsley: Third (EC – 41/50)

Layne Dixon: Fourth (EC – 41/50)

Kalie Jones: Fifth (JU- 41/50)

TRAP (Men’s):

Jordan Campbell: HOA (UKY – 49/50)

Ron Palazzetti: RU (JU – 49/50)

Jeremy Jackson: Third (EC – 48/50)

Nick D’Asto: Fourth (JU – 48/50)

Trysten Routledge: Fifth (JU – 48/50)

TRAP (Women’s):

Stephanie Beardsley: HOA (EC- 49/50)

Shelby Lo-Presto-Reynolds: RU (JU – 44/50)

Danielle Buttermore: Third (JU – 43/50)

Megan Burr: Fourth (UKY – 42/50)

Layne Dixon (EC -42/50)

International Wobble Trap (Men’s):

Cody Beyer: HOA (UKY – 46/50)

Ron Palazzetti: RU (JU – 46/50)

Ethan Erkfitz: Third (FSU – 46/50)

Noah Adair: Fourth (EC – 46/50)

Brett Ollila: Fifth (JU – 46/50)

International Wobble Trap (Women’s):

Stephanie Beardsley: HOA (EC – 47/50)

Julianne Evans: RU (JU – 46/50)

Shelby Evans: Third (EC – 45/50)

Layne Dixon: Fourth (EC – 38/50)

Samantha Malone: Fifth (VT – 35/50)

Sunday Sporting Clays Champion Teams:

Jacksonville University: HOA – 452

Emmanuel College: RU – 451

University of Kentucky: Third – 410

FSU: Fourth – 405

Virginia Tech: Fifth – 393

Men’s HOA Champions:

Benji Felder: HOA (JU – 93)

Mark Beardsley: RU (EC – 92)

Ron Palazzetti: Third (JU – 92)

Riche Young: Fourth (EC – 92)

Chris Berardinelli: Fifth (JU – 90)

Women’s HOA Champions:

Shelby Evans: HOA (EC – 91)

Shelby LoPresto-Reynolds (JU – 84)

Stephanie Beardsley: Third (EC – 78)

Samantha Malone: Fourth (VT – 78)

Layne Dixon: Fifth (EC – 76)