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JU One Spark Project #8: For Their Honor

The United States welcomes home hundreds of thousands of our Veterans who, after serving our country and protecting our freedom, are facing new challenges. Returning home has its own battles. Many Veterans and their families struggle to reintegrate into society and find a rewarding professional career and fulfilling personal life. For Their Honor (FTH) offers an innovative, six-phased wholistic program to help each Veteran succeed. We welcome Veterans of all ages and active duty personnel preparing to leave the military by providing formal education and vocational training, mentoring and support to aid in the reentry to civilian life.

The Engage Program is a grassroots community outreach that fosters interactive relationship building resulting in public private partnerships and opportunities for our Veterans. We will supplement existing military transition programs by using a best practices approach to raise awareness nationally, regionally and locally. Our goal is to promote the value of each Veteran during the cultural transition from military to civilian life.

Hooves of Honor involves a personalized therapeutic equine hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy, pairing rescued horses and Veterans in a personalized approach. The enduring Veteran/horse relationship is life changing.

The Phoenix Program is strategically aligned with a local university and headquartered in Jacksonville. This program provides an intensive Career-Life Planning training program (orientation, self-assessments, time management skills, effective study techniques, physical fitness and health education). Staff will screen and evaluate applicants to identify the best career fields that are aligned with their values, roles and goals, creating a new sense of purpose and strengthening character. Participants will be connected to a coalition of agencies and organizations that provide valuable certification and vocational training. Each Veteran will develop a Life Mission Statement to map a path for success in their desired career. Our program focuses on emotional intelligence, college preparatory instruction, selection of a college curriculum at an accredited institution, and development of personal and professional branding.

This program prepares our Veterans for launch into the civilian workforce and their families for civilian life by maintaining alignment with their values, roles and goals. Career planning and placement coupled with financial education are cornerstones of success.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
Benjamin Franklin

A grant from One Spark could be the impetus in changing not one, two or three, but thousands of America’s Veterans’ lives as we honor their sacrifice and assist with The Tools of Success for reentry into a successful civilian life.

Stay tuned to Wave Magazine Online this week for more information about projects hosted in our One Spark 2015 curator venue.