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JU One Spark Project #7: Saura

The creators of Saura hope to raise enough money  develop “intellectually protected solar powered phone cases.” These phone cases will bring unique value to customers because their design allows the user to charge their phone while it’s being used.

Visitors can expect to see a functional product ready for purchase, all four co-founders of the Saura team, and a video showcasing our journey together as a team in bringing this product to life.

What city is your Project based out of?


Tell us about your team and your goals for this project:

Our team is made up of four students at Florida State University. Three of us are Business majors and one is a graduate student in Computer Science. Our goal is to deliver our value proposition, that people no longer need wall sockets to charge their phones, and to do so without the burden of the bulky or heavy cases that are so typical of our competitors. In doing so, we hope to show people how reliant solar energy can be so that they are more likely to consider getting solar panels for their home or business.

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

Saura’s products are different because of our patent pending design that allows the user to charge their phone while they use it. Additionally, because the charge from the sun’s rays can go right into the phone, there is no need for a large an expensive battery. Therefore, we can sell our product cheaper than our competitor’s can.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this Project?

We believe we are perfect to build this company because we are united by a common vision to create both greater convenience for smartphone users and to promote a Western culture more conducive to sustainable energy solutions. Two of our co-founders currently work in solar power, and have seen first hand how solar can liberate people from fossil fuels and costly energy bills, so we know firsthand how this solar accessory can bring value to people’s lives.

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