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JU One Spark Project #3: ExportOut

ExportOut is an online shipping-management application that provides detailed – yet incredibly simple – information and personalized documentation for customers shipping vehicles from the US to the Middle East, West Africa, and Europe. The ExportOut system provides a user-friendly Dashboard that contains every piece of information needed to complete the shipping process, right up front. This includes: an instant booking function, up-to-date cargo status notifications, and all formal documentation such as Dock Receipts, and Bills of Lading.

The instant booking function is unprecedented in this industry. With a multitude of ocean carriers that vary by rates, speed, and schedules, it takes time and effort to gather information from each. With ExportOut, now shippers can view and book their transport with the quickness and ease of booking a plane flight on Priceline, for example. 

What city is your Project based out of?


Tell us about your team and your goals for this project:

Our team is passionate about helping individuals and organizations in the RORO industry save time and money. Our Founder has worked in the shipping industry for almost a decade. He saw a need for technology and a higher standard of customer service, and became impassioned to find a solution. Our goal was to create a customer-centric, technology-driven solution for international vehicle shipping. We are confident that our solution is exactly what this industry needs.

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

There is literally nothing comparable to ExportOut currently on the market in the vehicle shipping industry. Our website draws from the best of concepts that have been successfully applied in other industries such as travel, tax software, and even fitness tracking.

Today’s vehicle shipping management solutions are either limited or highly ineffective. Shippers have to manually book their cargo with freight brokers and manually create their own spreadsheets to keep track of their cargo. They have to rely on a broker’s ability to provide good customer service while they pass the information to the ship-lines, Customs, and their overseas agent.

ExportOut will provide a complete solution that will allow the shipper to obtain rates, book cargo, and submit information to multiple involved parties with quickness. This “one-stop” solution— this technology and format— does not currently exist in this industry.  Moreover, ExportOut provides cargo status updates that can be accessed 24/7.  Such information availability is unprecedented in this industry. All formal documentation is also provided with immediacy— another sought after yet elusive action in this industry. The quoting, booking, status notifications, personal Dashboard, and search tools provided by ExportOut are unique, unprecedented, and truly revolutionary!

Our principles are to focus on Efficiency, Accuracy, and Integrity. In this industry, this sets us apart and drives us forward.

Stay tuned to Wave Magazine Online this week for more information about projects hosted in our One Spark 2015 curator venue. To learn more about Export Out visit its Facebook page.