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JU grad Zac Houck nets 3 majors in 3 years — and media attention

JU grad Zac Houck’s exploits on the field and successes off of it are capturing the attention of the media.

Houck, who was a left fielder for the Dolphins baseball team, graduated from Jacksonville University in May 2013 with three majors, and did it all in three years.

He’s profiled in the Monday, June 17, Life section of The Florida Times-Union, in which his hard work earning a bachelor’s degree and triple-major in psychology, sociology and social science while never missing a game or practice due to academics is praised.

“I never made it public, but I knew I had a shot [graduating in three years],” Houck told the Times-Union. “It was hard, but it was manageable. I had some real good advisers.”

JU grad Zac Houck and his parents, Bruce and Tracy. Photo provided by the Houcks.

JU President Tim Cost, a 1981 JU grad who pitched for the Dolphins and was a psychology major, is also quoted in the story, calling Houck an example of the kind of student-athlete JU has worked to attract and help flourish.

“Zac exemplifies true leadership, the kind that is about lifting everyone around you,” Cost said in the article. “Believe me, I know the hard work involved in being a student-athlete, and we have created an environment here to be flexible in letting these students mix sport with scholarship successfully. This achievement by Zac, however, goes even beyond that. To accomplish this much in three years is just an incredible triumph of spirit, effort and energy, and it speaks to his terrific family support as well.”

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