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JU Dolphin Radio Program Director Veronica Session

JU Dolphin Radio prepares for fall with upgrades and programming changes

Change is coming to the JU Dolphin Radio Station at Jacksonville University.

ju dolphin radio logoNew for fall at the web-based station on the third floor of the Davis Student Commons are facilities upgrades including a brand-new sound board that will allow for more channel outlets, a newly decorated interior and a few other surprises.

“I looked at other station’s websites, and the USF station caught my attention,” said Station Manager Jerail Fennell. “They had a lounge area in their station. A place for their guests to sit and wait to go on the air.”ju dolphin radio

Other changes are in the air to attract new listeners, particularly the incoming freshman class. Whereas in the past, members of the JU community were able to have a show, now the doors have been opened to those within the larger community who would like to have their voice heard.

“We have so many other platforms to compete with that a small station like ours can get trampled easily,” Fennell said. “That is why the upgrades were necessary; we have got to stay up to date.”

JU Dolphin Radio is funded through the University’s media board and is advised by Commuication Prof. Dennis Stouse. Employees of the station are awarded scholarships contingent on completing duties at the station. To listen live, visit http://judolphinmedia.com. For more information on programming, contact Station Manager Jerail Fennell at jfennel1@jacksonville.edu or Program Director Veronica Session at rsessio@jacksonville.edu.