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JU committed to EPIC program despite state budget setback

Jacksonville University is fully committed to continuing its growth and investment in STEM, health sciences and aviation programs with the support of our business leaders and partner employers across the region. While we are disappointed by Governor Rick Scott’s decision today to not fund for 2015 the $2 million appropriation for The Florida EPIC Program at Jacksonville University in the state’s $79 billion budget, we are gratified by the overwhelming support this comprehensive job creation Program has received from our elected representatives and senior Northeast Florida business leaders.

The decision is especially unfortunate because the funding targets education initiatives in specialized fields that create job opportunities, improve the quality of the workforce in our region, and make our region attractive to talented students from around the world to study, live and work in Florida. While the absence this year of the state’s support of this Program will present challenges to the pace of our progress, we are fully committed to the outstanding work of our faculty, staff and business partners.  We look forward to presenting the opportunity to the state of Florida in January to again support this Program in the future.