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JU College of Fine Arts’ 50th anniversary “CFA Soiree” this Friday, Nov. 16, attracting media buzz

JU College of Fine Arts’ 50th anniversary “CFA Soiree” is this Friday, Nov. 16, at The Museum at 160 Boulevard Center Drive, and it’s already attracting quite a bit of media buzz.

The event, co-chaired by Irene Lazzara and JU alum Linda Berry Stein, is from 6:30 p.m. to midnight and will showcase a comprehensive display of arts with special guest, renowned urban studies theorist Richard Florida (http://www.richardflorida.com). Dress for the event is billed as “Urban Chic.”

(See a complete story  and artist lineup for the CFA Soiree at http://waveweekly.ju.edu/?p=2880.)

Media so far includes:

  • An appearance by CFA Dean Bill Hill on the popular “First Coast Connect” radio show on WJCT public radio, with host Melissa Ross.                             


“One of the key issues that Jacksonville can do is better focus on tapping into the creativity of all its residents. As I wrote in “The Rise of the Creative Class” 10 years ago and in this revision, I still believe every single human being is creative. Economic growth in today’s economy is driven by creativity, so if we want to increase it, we have to tap into the creativity of everyone.

This should be the single point of focus for all economic development policies.

It’s also critical to ensuring an equitable future for all workers. The new economy is assigning a greater value to human creativity. Therefore, we have to create the support structures and systems to elevate our workforce and skills sets. This is why I called for a creative compact in “The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited” and will be speaking about it during my talk at (the CFA Soiree).”

  • A prime spot on WJXT TV-4’s morning show, in which CFA Soiree Host Committee Member Kristen Nagy and CFA Dean Bill Hill explain “Urban Chic” to Rebecca Barry. See a clip below: