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Commencement 2018, PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Evans Photography

Five JU Experiences a Dolphin Can’t Live Without

By Kiana Blaylock

As this semester and my undergraduate career come to a close, I reflect on the things that made my time at Jacksonville University (JU) remarkable. Here are five things every JU student should experience before saying farewell…

Study for Finals at the Library

This might seem boring and typical of any college experience, but the Swisher Library is my special place during finals week. It’s all about the snacks, free coffee, and dogs. Since I have been at JU, furry friends have visited the library to help us de-stress during finals week. It has become a tradition between my friends and me to start our study sessions with some much-needed puppy love. It’s one of my favorite events and shows that JU will always go the extra step to ensure students have a unique college experience.

Volunteer for Charter Day

Waking up at 8:30 am is never fun. Except on JU’s annual Charter Day of Service. This is a time where everyone has a single goal in mind – make the world a better place. Classes shut down for the day and students join faculty and staff to volunteer at various Jacksonville locations. Places like Jacksonville Beach, Tree Hill Nature Center, and North Florida School of Special Education. It is really heartwarming to see everyone work together to make the world a little greater. Afterward, participants return to campus for BBQ and to reflect on their experiences lending a helping hand.

Charter Day of Service, Jacksonville Beach, 2019

Go to Porter Fest

The night of Charter Day, after everyone has eaten and washed the dirt off, we gather on the Dolphin Green for a music and arts festival. It’s the perfect way to celebrate all the hard work that happened that day. It’s good to relax and enjoy the vibes with fellow Dolphins. At the end of the night, we watch the fireworks and officially wish JU a happy birthday.

Take a Nap in Hammock Village

A new addition to campus, the village has become a safe haven for many students. Getting some energy from a much needed nap and fresh air is a winning combination like no other. It is a time relax without trekking back to residence hall. Fit it into your schedule. You won’t regret it.

Create a Student Organization

The many diverse organizations at JU are the heart of this campus. The more than 100 clubs and organizations show how different each student is while highlighting our talents and passions. There is always room for a fresh idea or new group. Whether an activist organization, a group that focuses on the arts or environment, an athletic club, or one supporting a political party, every voice is heard and welcomed. Through these student-run organizations, a sense of pride is gained. Here, students have the opportunity to create a place where other students like them can be welcomed and celebrated.

Commencement 2018, PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Evans Photography