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Empowerment a key pillar of JU membership in American Association of University Women

With a goal of empowering students by offering key assistance in everything from scholarships to networking opportunities to salary negotiation help, the University has become a partner member of the American Association of University Women.

The influential, 170,000-member organization works to help ensure that students receive the best educational experience possible, both inside and outside the classroom. The campus’ AAUW representative is Associate Professor of Voice Kimberly Beasley, and its on-campus administrator is Dr. Lee Ann Clements, Associate Provost.

Being an official AAUW College/University Partner offers a number of advantages, said Beasley, who is also the Younger Women’s Task Force Jacksonville Chapter Director. For one, students can become free E-Affiliates with AAUW for as long as they attend college.

AAUW also invests $3.7 million each year in fellowships and grants for female students pursuing graduate and doctoral study, its branches offer undergraduate scholarships to women in their communities, and it offers local and national scholarships for students to attend the annual transformative National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.

Associate Professor of Voice Kimberly Beasley

Positive outcomes that will help student members grow as they act, lead and connect with the larger AAUW community are all benefits of the new partnership, added Beasley, who is working with student government on new upcoming campus initiatives.

Associate Provost Dr. Lee Ann Clements

“With this designation, our students are encouraged to join together to host campus initiatives on issues that affect women such as equal pay, STEM opportunities and women in leadership roles,” she said. “Student members can also get involved in a broader way in the National Student Advisory Council.”

For more about JU’s AAUW affiliation and how to become a student affiliate, email kbeasle@ju.edu. For more about AAUW’s educational funding for women, visit http://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards.