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DCOB’s Dr. Angela Mattia draws worldwide notice at 2015 Big Data Analytics EdCon

Dr. Angela Mattia of the Davis College of Business recently received international attention for her success in Big Data business analytics educational research at the Big Data Analytics EdCon 2015 International Conference in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

The Associate Professor of Decision Science-Information Management presented to more than 100 educators and researchers at the mid-August event, discussing “Linking Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Research with Analytics in the Business Core.”

Dr. Angela Mattia
Dr. Angela Mattia

The research describes analytic learning triangulation, defined as an approach that combines experiential learning, undergraduate research and the visualization of data all at once to develop an analytical foundation that can be useful to anyone.  Her research showed that a well-planned, supervised and assessed business analytics research project can stimulate academic and professional inquiry by promoting analytical skills, critical thinking, communication (written & oral), diversity, teamwork, and numerous other soft skills.

“It is a great honor to have presented at the international conference on Big Data Analytics that was jointly held with AMCIS (Association for Management Information Systems) which is one of our top Information Systems conferences.  The leaders in Big Data and Business Analytics were all present.” noted Dr. Mattia. “To know that I am able to contribute and bring back great analytical knowledge and opportunities to our great faculty and students is very rewarding.”

One such opportunity is a Davis College of Business partnership with SAS (Statistical Analysis System) that is being developed for the Business Analytics major.  SAS is a leader in analytical software, and having skill in this software combined with analytical skills is in high demand by employers.

The Business Analytics major and minor, as well as a major in Business Information Systems, is new this year.  The decision science and information management faculty are constantly reviewing areas in which they can improve the program for their students and looking at where the jobs are in today’s world of big data.

“We are lucky to have a talented and dedicated decision science and information management faculty. We have all worked hard over the last two years to build a quality business analytics curriculum, and the work is finally paying off with national attention,” said Dr. Mattia. “Our program is being well-received in the big data and business analytics community.”