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Consider these four campus spots for better studying sessions

As a person who once hated the thought of studying, realizing that I had more power over procrastination than I thought and actually putting that insight to use made all the difference for me.

Being in college has taught me that you have to apply yourself at all times and to keep trying new things until you break old habits.

Determined to break my cycle of bare minimum studying, I forced myself to pull my first all-nighter. From there, I was determined to:

1. Take a long nap.

2. Be more intentional when it came to my study sessions from there on out.

Here are some places I stopped at on my journey to better studying and better study sessions:

  • Carl S. Swisher Library – I know you may have avoided it like the plague in high school, but in college, the library is your friend. It’s a nice place to get away from all the noise you would hear anywhere else. The silence is soothing, especially in the computer lab. Just think. Silence and a river view? That would be a bit difficult to pass up.
  • Starbucks – Starbucks at Kinne University Center is equipped with plenty of seating for whoever wants to study, grab a bite to eat, or catch up with friends after a long day. While it can get pretty crowded at certain times, the busy coffee shop gives off a warm feel and a subtle hum for those that are studying.
River House
  • River House – The River House offers multiple settings in one location. Sometimes you’ll have the busy hum of a lunch rush in the pub, and sometimes you’ll have the quiet afternoon in the main room or on the patio. However, you’ll always be guaranteed the serene river view, no matter what time of day it is.
  • MSRI Outdoor Classroom – Aside from the JU beach, this would be the closest one could get to the river. The outdoor classroom is framed with plenty of trees for shade, comfortable benches, and a clear view of the St. Johns River through which you can hear the subtle tap of the waves against the rocks at the shore.

Each of these study spots holds a special place in my heart and a passing grade in both Blackboard and on my Degree Audit. It was in these places that all of my light bulbs went from dim to bright, and my gears finally began turning. From there, the rest was History, Communications History, Economics and Literature.

By Kamia Addison