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Sodexo’s summer at Jacksonville University: Someone’s in the kitchen with … a hammer!

The dining remodeling process at Jacksonville University is well under way, the culmination of several semesters of surveys, customer feedback, expectation meetings, dining trend development and planning (see photos in newsletter below).

In conjunction with Jacksonville University’s ASPIRE campaign, Sodexo felt the timing was right to re-brand our dining services.  In late 2012, Flavours Catering became our premier branded catering for on- and off-campus events.  Now for the fall semester, we are completing a large renovation project to the Riverview Cafe and Nellie’s Retail center.

The Riverview Cafe will now consist of several large areas throughout the dining room and newly christened Faculty Lounge.

First, our Trattoria Pizza platform will feature our Signature Pizzas, breadsticks and specials with a full chef-attended pasta station and signature salad.  The delicatessen will still have a full complement of breads, wraps and now a quick fire-oven to create hot, warm sandwiches and grinders.  We have also included the daily selection of soups in the deli station to create a one-stop-shop if you will.

The entire back section of the existing line now becomes the Riverview Diner, where such classics as fried chicken, meatloaf, roast beef Hot Shots, all beef kosher franks, burgers, French fries and specials will be served.  There will even be a section featuring a chef-carved item several times a week.

The biggest change will be the island in the center of the dining space.  Gone is the long salad bar and in its place will be a full action platform featuring Mongolian Wok-style service, fresh hand cut vegetable salad bar with locally sourced items, and full dessert and ice cream sundae bar. The vegetarian section will now be a full service action platform with chef attendant.  Updated seating, charging/docking stations featured throughout the dining area and eco-friendly materials will finish the space.

Nellie’s center with now feature Chick-fil-A.  One of the fastest-growing food chains in the country, as well as the highest-recommended eateries from the student body will finally be at JU. Founded in 1946 by S. Truett Cathy, it has been associated with the South, where it has become a cultural icon. As of November 2012, Chick-fil-A has 1,679 restaurants in 38 states.  The area will also be expanded in future planning to include a convenience store, grab-and-go platforms and a smoothie bar.

We thank the JU community for all of their patience during this project and look forward to presenting these concepts in the fall!”

Brian Bowser

Area Executive Chef






  1. Dragomir Tsvetenov

    I am a senior at Jacksonville University and was surprised to see that JU would actually partner with Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a has a history of funding anti-gay legislation, and I have to say that it is hurtful to see that Jacksonville University would want to be associated with the fast food chain. I wish there had been a student/alumni referendum for other restaurant choices, and if there has been, I would have hoped that it would be more public. It’s disheartening to see that my school would in any way want to be partnered with an anti-gay hate group.

  2. Jacksonville University’s official statement regarding Chick fil-A:

    Jacksonville University selected Chick-fil-A as a campus food vendor in concert with our dining services partner Sodexo. With student preference being the top priority, vendor selection also took into account other factors, including menu variety, food quality, health-conscious offerings, price and corporate culture. Chick-fil-A Inc. has stated that it is an equal opportunity employer and that its culture and service tradition is to treat every employee and customer with honor, dignity and respect, regardless of belief, race, creed, sexual orientation or gender. Consistent with corporate policy, Chick-fil-A at JU will be open Monday through Saturday and closed Sundays.