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Romesburg, employees honored at annual Employee Appreciation Day

The man who planned to honor his faculty and staff wound up getting honored himself as well, much to his surprise.

JU Past President and Chancellor Emeritus Frances Bartlett Kinne honors current President Kerry Romesburg, who is retiring in 2013. (Photos by Donald dela Torre/Jacksonville University)

Jacksonville University President Kerry Romesburg, hosting this year’s annual Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, Oct. 5, ended up on the receiving end of congratulatory remarks from one of his renowned predecessors, JU Past President and Chancellor Emeritus Frances Bartlett Kinne.

“He brought exeptional financial skills and dedication to JU,” Kinne said of Romesburg, who is retiring in 2013 after 9 years at JU’s helm. “He’s so bright, personable … and let’s not forget, handsome.”

Kinne, speaking at the event at the Kinne Center, remarked that Romesburg helped strengthen the university’s financial picture.

“With great leaders like Kerry, there’s no end to what you can do,” she said. “We know he’s going to be leaving part of his heart here.”

Romesburg, sitting with his wife, Judy, was taken aback by a standing ovation by employees at the luncheon event. He heaped kudos on faculty and staff for being the linch-pins to JU’s success and comeback from strained fiscal times.

“I’ve gotten lots of attention recently, but it’s really been earned by all of you,” he said. “Thanks for making my time here so special. It makes leaving a mixed bag because I’m going to be leaving incredibly good friends.”

He mentioned a quote that summed up his feelings: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

Employees dined on barbecue, burgers, hotdogs, beans, desserts and more, and received door prizes including gas and gift cards, Jacksonville Jaguars tickets, cash and gift bags.

Michael Bobbin, Director of Purchasing, was honored for 40 years of service to JU, while Katie Counihan of the Student Solutions Center received the Student Service Award, and Linda Christoffersen, Honors Administrative Coordinator, was named October 2012 Employee of the Month.

Michael Bobbin, at right, Director of Purchasing, was honored for 40 years of service to JU,

Here are JU employees recognized at the event:

Employee Service Recognition

Tolulope Adewale, Student Accounting Associate Controller’s Office
Keith Archie, Lead Cook at Nellie’s Sodexo
Kerwin Bell, Head Coach, Football Athletics Sports
Petya Borisova, Help Desk Technician Information Technology
Marilou Brazil, Supervisor at Wave’s Sodexo
Felicia Brimlett, Student Financial Services Associate Controller’s Office
Victor Chernyshov, Housekeeping Supervisor Physical Plant
Donald Collins, Line Cook at Nellie’s Sodexo
Katie Counihan, Office Associate – Student Solutions Center Student Life
Gerald Crafts, Assistant Football Coach – PT Athletics Sports
Chinea Frazier, Patient Representative Orthodontic Clinic
Kenneth Gagnon, Landscaper – Grounds Dept Physical Plant
Thomas Hall, Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Info Officer Information Technology
TaWanda Hansberry, Student Records Specialist I Registrar’s Office
Tina Herndon, Student Records Specialist I Registrar’s Office
Dzhamilya Iznurova, Housekeeper – Founders Physical Plant
Roderick Jungbauer, Associate Director of Adult & Graduate Admissions Graduate & Adult Enrollment
Ansha Khokhutadze, Housekeeper – Lazzara Physical Plant
Tekea Kiflu, Housekeeper – Oak Hall Physical Plant
George King, Floor Technician Campus wide Physical Plant
Sally Lynch, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Admin
Robert Matthews, Senior Personal Computer Specialist Information Technology
Heather McCarthy, Biology Laboratory Technician Science & Math
Celeste Moneypenny, Benefits Coordinator Human Resources
Donna Morrow, Director of Planned Giving UA Administration
Lawrence Motley, Campus Security Officer Campus Security
Todd Moyer, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Athletics Administration
Barbara Palm, New Patient Coordinator Supervisor Orthodontic Clinic
Dax Peters, Help Desk Coordinator Information Technology
Adam Price, General Maintenance Worker – Mechanical Dept Physical Plant
Trevor Quinn, Asst. Coach, Men’s Basketball Athletics Sports
Robyn Reeves, Director of Stewardship & Campaign Support UA Administration
Marion Rutledge, General Maintenance Worker – Carpentry Dept Physical Plant
George Scaduto, Vice President for Finance and Administration Financial Affairs Admin
Brooke Sellars, Supervisor – Collections/Cashier Controller’s Office
Breanne Simkin, Director of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Cameron Smith, Assistant Coach, JV Football Athletics Sports
Shari Stidam, Manager of Networks & Telecommunications Information Technology
Rosemarie Troupe, Financial Aid Representative Financial Aid
Kerry Webb, Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Sports
Charlot Wedge, Director of Academic Engagement LRNet/Student Support Program

Paula Bates, Front Desk Supervisor Orthodontic Clinic
Mea Darley, Associate Director of Admissions First-Year Admission
Nancy Delaney, Postal Clerk Purchasing
Kimberly Fisher, Bursar Controller’s Office
Rose Freeman, Line Cook at the Riverview Cafe Sodexo
Charles Moore, Associate Director, Financial Aid Financial Aid
Teresa Schneider, Advisor On-Line Nursing Nursing
Suzy Stroud, Faculty Coordinator, SON Nursing
Julio Vargas, Sous Chef at the Riverview Cafe Sodexo
Leslie Wright, Director of Facilities & Fields Athletics Administration

Anita Bergman, Purchasing Associate Purchasing
Linda Christoffersen, Honors Administrative Coordinator Academic Affairs Admin
David Farraday, Senior Associate Athletic Director Athletics Administration
James Keene, General Maintenance Worker – Mechanical Dept Physical Plant
Donna Kirk, Associate Athletic Director Athletics Administration
Cynthia Larsen, Advisor On-Line Nursing Nursing
Thomas Leonard, Director of Multimedia Services Athletics Administration
Peggy Rickey, Imaging Technician Purchasing
Judith San Socie, Office Associate, Science & Math Science & Math
Charles Ulezelski, Director of IT Operations Information Technology
Kimberly Womack, Housekeeper/Assistant Supervisor – Student Center Physical Plant

Rafael Galumyants, Groundskeeper – Grounds Dept Physical Plant
Marsha Haskew, Senior Woman Administrator Athletics Administration

Nancy Aldrich, Library Technical Assistant Library
Sandra Branum, Program Degree Advisor Accelerated Degree Program
Willodene Coursey, Library Technical Assistant Library
Sherman Sudduth, Grounds Supervisor – Grounds Dept Physical Plant

Michael Bobbin, Director of Purchasing Purchasing

Gladys Gabriel, Bachelor of Arts
Ines Paulino-Chindra, Bachelor of Arts
Janet Bender, Bachelor of Science
Christine Downs, Bachelor of Science
Veronica Huotari, Bachelor of Science
Diane Lewis, Bachelor of Science
Lucas Meers, Bachelor of Science
Cheryl Peters, Bachelor of Science
Sean Segerstrom, Bachelor of Science
Brooke Sellars, Bachelor of Science
Rhian Davis, Master of Business Administration
Natasha Harvey, Master of Education
Lana Heylock, Master of Fine Arts
Alexis Howard, Master of Education
Celeste Moneypenny, Master of Business Administration
Earl Owens, Master of Education
Rebecca Rymes, Master of Business Administration
Judith San Socie, Master of Arts in Mathematics

October 2012, Linda Christoffersen
September 2012, Paula Bates
August 2012, Zarifa Usmanova
July 2012, Rachel Green
May 2012, Kelly Bryant
April 2012, Joel Ross
March 2012, Nancy Srock
February 2012, Brian Freshley
January 2012, Sharon Frazier
December 2011, Rosa Gyuris
November 2011, Teresa Singletary
October 2011, Cheryl Brown

Event Donors:
Alumni Relations
Florida Blue
Harden Associates
Human Resources
Jacksonville Jaguars
JU Bookstore
Marine Science Research Institute + Harden Associates

Employee Appreciation Committee:
Susan Bonfanti
Sandi Branum
Gail Clemens
Elizabeth Gaulien
Pat Reeves
Judy San Socie
Quint White
James Williams





  1. Lt Collins from our NROTC Unit graduated in the
    11 – 12 academic year with his Masters in Buisiness Administration. Lt Collins was not recognized at todays event. I would like to congratulate him on this accomplishment.