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Reminder: EAC representative nominations being taken until Thursday, May 31

As many of you know, the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) was created in April 2004 and serves as the representative organization for all JU Staff and Administrative employees.  The EAC is opening nominations for representative positions for the 2012-2013 year.  We ask you to review the list of eligible participants (online) and nominate someone from your own division by Thursday, May 31.

Nomination Directions and Guidelines:

• The EAC has created a web page that list all employees who are eligible to be nominated for EAC election.  Find the list online HERE.

• Employees are divided into divisions by reporting lines:  Academic Affairs, Athletics, Enrollment Management, Student Life, Financial Affairs, and University Advancement.

• Within the divisions, employees are coded as Administration or Staff.  Staff employees should vote for Staff representatives and Administration employees should vote for Administration representatives in their respective departments.

• Employees must have one year of continuous service with JU, as of April 30, 2012, to be eligible for nomination.  Only those people who appear on the list are eligible by these criteria.

• Nominations may be made by self or others.  (You may nominate yourself if you are interested in serving.)

• The Nominating Committee will verify nominees’ acceptance of the nomination and his/her eligibility.

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