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Photography, Florence fashion, celeb-watching and more in JU Study Abroad trip June 16-22

By Phillip Milano

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be in Florence during Fashion Week? Maybe catch sight of a few celebs? Meander through high-end boutiques? All that, and learn how to take some great pics, too?

Ginger Sheridan, JU associate professor of photography

Ginger Sheridan, JU associate professor of photography, will lead a one-week Accelerated Degree Program Study Abroad photography course June 16-22 to the famed City of David in June, during Fashion Week (see flyer below). It’s open to all faculty and staff, as well as students. Deadline to sign up is March 1.

Wave Weekly asked her for the details:

What is the overall purpose of the course and trip?

It’s to learn how to better use a digital camera (any type, any level) while exploring the world of travel photography in Florence, Italy, during Fashion Week. 

Anything unique or special about Florence to entice participants?

Ginger Sheridan, JU associate professor of photography, leads a photography discussion

Florence is an amazingly picturesque, small pedestrian city with beautiful Italian Renaissance art on every corner. It’s also got crowds of highly fashionable people. In addition, you’ll sample some of the best coffee and food in the world.  

Will participants have any access to fashion folks and celebs?

Since the city is small and everyone has to walk, celebrity sightings are always possible. In addition, our school is on the main shopping street of Florence, with Ferragamo, Tiffany’s and Roberto Cavalli boutiques. 

So, who’s idea was this trip?

I came up with it because most adults do not have a month to study abroad. Also, most people want to take good photographs while traveling. With the ADP format, including several web lessons before we leave, we can complete a course in a week with time to spare for sightseeing. So, people can vacation while becoming better photographers.

Tell us more. What’s going to happen during the week?

We will start with a welcome dinner on Sunday, June 16. Monday through Friday, we will have afternoon classes, critiquing images that were taken the evening and morning before. Classes will include 15 minutes of Italian language and culture. These sessions are not for credit but to help students get the most out of their time abroad by giving them pointers and basic language skills. 

Now for the nitty-gritty: What’s the cost, and what are the travel arrangements?

Cost is $1,995, which includes double occupancy in a centrally located hotel, full breakfast, 3 hours course credit, classes in photography, mini-sessions on Italian language and culture, on-site aid, welcome dinner and goodbye meal. Students are responsible for other meals, air transportation and incidentals.

Where should people go for more information?

Contact Ginger Sheridan at gsherid@ju.edu or abroad@ju.edu. To sign up, go to 105 Gooding, in the International Education Program office.