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New international partnership sends seven DCOB students to Taiwan

As a cornerstone of Jacksonville University’s plan to produce competitive graduates by helping them become productive global citizens, the Davis College of Business has initiated strategic partnerships with universities on each major region of the world. Its first strategic partner in Asia is National Taipei University (NTPU), located in Taiwan.

“We are planning on creating partnerships with countries across the world, and we wanted to start with the continent at the forefront of alternative approaches to managing the firm,” said Dr. Don Capener, Dean of the Davis College of Business. “NTPU is one of the leading universities in Asia, and we are proud to have them as a collaboration partner for students, faculty and intellectual exchanges.”

JU and National Taipei University student pose for a photo following their joint class in Taiwan.
JU and National Taipei University students following their joint class in Taiwan.

George Gresham, Associate Professor of Marketing, serves as a liaison between JU and NTPU. Last month, he led a contingent of seven undergraduate students to National Taipei University to experience Taiwan and serve as ambassadors for the NTPU exchange program. Seniors Christopher Anstett and Devon Crummer; juniors Megan Barone, Brian Clarkson, Frank Perryman and Kayla DeOca; and sophomore Alex Tate all traveled to the Far East on this trip.

“The NTPU faculty, staff and administration were very welcoming and enthusiastic about working with JU to create an exchange program that will lead to a global MBA,” said Gresham, who is set to be an inaugural faculty exchange member in spring 2016.

“Seldom in your life does an opportunity come along that is a new and amazing experience,” said Clarkson, an Aviation Management and Flight Operations major. “When those opportunities present themselves, students need to embrace them, and this was certainly worth it.”

During the trip, Gresham and the students experienced many cultural sites, including the world-renown National Palace Museum, Taipei 101, the New Taipei City Gold Museum, and Elephant Mountain. NTPU students joined JU students on the excursions to network and meet potential future classmates.

In addition to sightseeing, JU students experienced courses in basic Chinese language, martial arts and cultural differences between the Eastern and Western world. They also enhanced their global business knowledge by visiting various international businesses headquartered in Taipei.

“I learned that business is conducted in Asia much differently than the United States,” said Barone, an International Business major studying in Italy this semester. “When I move into a career, I know that I will be working with people from different cultures, and this was a great way to experience it firsthand.”

(left to right) Chin Cheng, graduate student from NTPU and Cindy Hueng, undergraduate student prepare for class in the DCOB.
(left to right) Chin Cheng, graduate student from NTPU and Cindy Hueng, undergraduate student from NTPU prepare for class in the DCOB.

This spring semester, there are two NTPU students studying at JU: Cindy Huang an undergraduate majoring in sports management, and Chin Cheng, a graduate student majoring in accounting. Additional NTPU students are expected to attend JU each semester. JU students will be able to attend NTPU as early as spring semester 2016.

In February 2014, a faculty contingent that included Capener, Associate Dean of Accreditation Matrecia James, Gresham, Assistant Professor of International Business Doug Johansen and Assistant Professor of Finance Maggie Foley visited NTPU to establish relations and sign the collaboration agreement between the two universities.

National Taipei University recently received international AACSB accreditation, which will allow JU students to transfer any major business course.

For further information on the international exchange initiative, contact Michael Diamond, mdiamon1@ju.edu.