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Month of Heroes: Nicholas Stilwell

Meet Nicholas Stilwell.monthofheroes-nicholasstilwell

Age: 26

Year and major: Freshman/Accounting

Hometown: Jacksonville

Branch/Rank: U.S. Army/Specialist

Tell us about your service experience. I was in for seven years and I did one tour in Iraq at the Victory Base Complex in their Central Receiving and Shipping Point yard. One thing that I can say about my experiences in the military is that rank doesn’t mean you’re intelligent and intelligence doesn’t mean you deserve the rank. It’s all about how you treat those around you, both above and below.

Any favorite subjects and classes? I like taking International Politics. It helps shed some light on why certain military activities were handled the way they were. By having to deal with people who actually have recently been in the military and who are currently dealing with issues that I am or soon will, it has helped a lot.

What sets JU apart? Due to my lack of university experience, I can’t separate JU from other universities except by what others have told me, and they have said JU is academically better and that small classes are fantastic.

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