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JU’s Prof. Stephen Baker to discuss “Civility in America” on WJCT

Be sure to check out our own Prof. Stephen Baker at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, as he joins the panel for a First Coast Forum Special on “Civility In America” on WJCT Public Television and 89.9 WJCT.

More about this live program, provided by WJCT:


Roughly two out of three Americans believe that we have a major civility problem today and approximately seven in 10 believe it has deteriorated in the past few years. In the eyes of the public, much of the blame for this decline lands squarely on the shoulders of politicians. There is widespread frustration over the negativity of attack ads and the polarization of political parties. This October, in the thick of a contentious Presidential campaign, WJCT in association with the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission will present First Coast Forum Special: Civility in America.  Host Melissa Ross and a panel of local experts will explore civility (or lack thereof) in politics and culture in the United States.

The program will address all aspects of incivility, from mean-spirited political campaigns to bullying, road rage, public expressions of religion, nasty online comments, and the sensationalism of conflict on reality TV.

The first half of the program with examine Civility in Politics

Guests include the following: 

Paul McCormick, The McCormick Agency

Dr. Stephen Baker, Political Science Professor, JU

Marcia Ladendorff, UNF Communications Professor

Betty Holzendorf, former State Senator 

The second half of the program will explore Civility in Culture

Guests include the following: 

Kyle Reese, OneJax Board Member and Interfaith Chair

Dr. Bert Koeglar,  UNF Professor of Philosophy

Bryant Rollins, StetsonRollins Consulting, former Editor New York Times

Frank Denton, Editor, The Florida Times Union