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JU’s Journal of Research Across the Disciplines (JRAD) now available online

The latest edition of Jacksonville University’s Journal of Research Across the Disciplines (JRAD) is out, at http://journal.ju.edu.

This year’s journal, which is overseen by Ed McCourt, director of the Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum, and assistant professor of English, is a peer-reviewed electronic journal dedicated to publishing and showcasing student research.

Topics covered for the 2012 edition include “Genetic Identification of 11 Aquatic Bacteria using the 16S rDNA Gene” by M. Gabriela Block and Anthony Ouellette, “The Fate of the Performance Cars in an Environmentally Friendly World” by Ray Saez, “Concentrations and Identities of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Tributaries of the St. Johns River” by Benjamin Hixon and Anthony Ouellette, “The Media’s Influence on Public Perceptions of Homosexuality” by Michele McGovern and “the winning submission from the Common Reading Essay Contest, titled “Should the United States’ Immigration Policy be Changed?”by Sallie Marie Futch.

The WAC committee reviews all submissions, which are almost exclusively derived from coursework completed in JU classrooms, McCourt said.

“The students get published, but more importantly, the process of submitting, revising, etc. gives them real-world experience that will be helpful in their academic careers beyond JU,” he said. “And, of course, it gives us a sense of pride in the academic side of JU.”