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JU Wellness Seminar Wed., March 27: “CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Coping with Change”

The Office of  Human Resources and the Employee Advisory Council (EAC) are pleased to announce this Spring we will sponsor monthly Wellness Seminars. These sessions are open to all JU employees, so mark your calendars and plan to join us for these fun and interactive sessions. The sessions are led by outside facilitators. 

Change is constant in today’s world. We all can think of many examples of change: a new boss, new work processes, a new position, new city to live in and the list goes on. If we are honest, dealing with change can be difficult, particularly when things are changing constantly and quickly. To sum it up, change is inevitable, but there is help for coping. This fun and interactive session is meant to provide practical strategies and solutions for coping with change and the personal thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors that change(s) may bring. 


  • Identify Attitudes and Beliefs About Change
  • Recognize the Stages of Change
  • Understand Possible Reactions to Change and How to Handle Them
  • Learn Tips and Coping Strategies for Change







We look forward to you joining us for this fun and interactive session.

E’Lisa Patrice Green, MBA
Employment Coordinator
Jacksonville University

(904): 256-7276

Email: egreen1@ju.edu