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JU students take part in Mayor Brown’s inaugural Leaders in Training program


Seven Jacksonville University students were part of the inaugural class of Mayor Alvin Brown’s “Leaders in Training” recently and even had a chance to present business cases to the Mayor’s cabinet as part of the program.

Before being considered for the program, students had to secure a summer internship. JU students, their majors and internships, are: Kim Mak, Business, Metlife; Garrett Teague, Communications, Jax Parks; Austin Gates, Psychology, and Business, Sodexo; Lisa Brott, Dance and Economics, Switzerland Dance School; Elisabeth Presley, Accounting, KPMG; Iliana Todd, Political Science, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio; and Brianna Williams, Film, JEDC Film and TV.

Mayor Brown’s Leaders in Training program was designed to connect Jacksonville’s brightest college talent with the Jacksonville business community.

As participants in the program, students engaged in four day-long workshops developed by members of the CSX management team focusing on core competencies needed in today’s global workplace, such as influencing others, communication and personal branding. In addition, students were placed in cross-functional, multi-university teams to present a business case to the Mayor’s cabinet, and they will be paired in coming months with a young professional as a mentor.

The next group of Leaders in Training will be selected in the Spring for the Summer of 2013.

Devan Coughlin
Director, Career Development Center
Jacksonville University