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JU professor and ceramic artist Dana Chapman’s clay work on exhibit in New Orleans

“Nature/Nurture: Fluidity of Perspective,” the sixth solo gallery exhibition of Dana Chapman, JU professor and Chair of the Division of Visual Arts, continues through Monday, Sept. 30, at the prestigious Soren Christensen Gallery in New Orleans’ Warehouse District.

JU Prof. Dana Chapman

Chapman, an award-winning ceramics artist in the Jacksonville University College of Fine Arts, is a “maker of objects that consider the wonderment of human experience.” She works to capture “moments in time through simulated objects.”

The show features a large body of new work in clay “exaggerating the scale of very small organic forms,” according to the gallery’s website.

The exhibit is being described as “beautifully crafted …striking in originality…; while at the same time alluringly fantastical; the resulting artwork evokes pleasant recollections from past times in viewers’ memories.”

From the exhibit’s Artist Statement:

This body of work reacts to assimilating past and recent events, and asks the viewer to consider what may happen when someone else’s past catches up to their own. In the scenario, the viewer has two choices: to nurture their perspective while adapting to the new situation, or to remain in their current natural state without changing. In looking at the proposed experience head on, Chapman believes we oscillate between the two and also that perspective takes on variable meanings as we do so. What remains a constant is the fluidity of mental assumptions occurring during the process. In reality the experience is unpredictable yet we continue to attempt predictable outcomes.

For more on the exhibit, visit www.sorengallery.com. For more on Chapman, visit http://arts.ju.edu/chapman/index.html.