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JU One Spark Project #4: A Fashion Show with 3D Printing Technology

The advent of additive manufacturing is contemporary in every sense. Since the invention of moldable plastics, the 3D printing technology based on additive manufacturing has stood at the forefront of cheap and effective manufacturing techniques. During this one spark, the Engineering Department at JU will present a fashion show of tradition cultures using 3D printing technology.

Typical fashion elements of several countries will be redesigned and printed by JU’s 3D printer such as Chinese hairpins and Japanese geta. Other personal portable devices with JU elements will be designed and printed. Such a fashion show will definitely promote communications among different cultures in Jacksonville. In addition, the project is aiming to introduce the trend of smart manufacturing industry in US. Such a project will not only provide students at JU with smart manufacturing training but also will educate local communities with the latest technology.

The project was submitted by JU’s Huihui Wang, Assistant Professor and Director of the University’s Engineering Program.            

What city is your Project based out of?


What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

This project is a combination of education, culture communication and fashion.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this Project?

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds such as engineering, art and history.

Stay tuned to Wave Magazine Online this week for more information about projects hosted in our One Spark 2015 curator venue.