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JU CFA Soiree unites arts, culture for economic growth and urban development

By Bill Hill, JU College of Fine Arts Dean

The CFA Soiree was an amazing success. The College of Fine Arts at Jacksonville University celebrated its 50th anniversary with ambition that through fusion and collaboration, we can unite the arts and culture for economic growth and urban development.

JU College of Fine Arts Dean Bill Hill (left) and nationally acclaimed author Richard Florida.

The CFA Soiree, co-chaired by Linda Berry Stein and Irene Lazzara, was an urban-style spectacle held Nov. 16 at The Museum in Jacksonville with more than 500 people in attendance sporting their hottest urban chic attire. Along with celebrating the 50 years of the college, we were delighted to be able to recognize Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne, who founded the College of Fine Arts and served as its Dean for 18 years, and celebrated her 54th year in association with the University.

As a Jacksonville native and resident, I am committed to supporting our city to be a vibrant attraction to economic talent. Ten years ago, Richard Florida outlined a powerful framework for contemporary cities; I share his vision and I am thrilled he was here in Jacksonville to be part of the celebration and share his message. If you are not familiar with his work, it hinges on an inversion of the industrial model of economics where the factory was the driver for the local economy. Now, in a more global world, the economic engine is creative capital. Cities thrive when they have this core asset. His three Ts (technology, talent and tolerance) only scratch the surface.

Jacksonville University is committed to elevating the ability of our talent through comprehensive academic programs. We believe Jacksonville needs to attract, retain and grow its creative capital through stronger education systems, respectful legislation, and a strong quality of life.

As Dean, I believe in the transformative power of education and the importance of creative thinking for economic prosperity. Our desire is for this event to be a catalyst for future progress of the College and the Arts.

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