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Get to know “Echo” — and QEP Day, March 6!

Our reaccreditation site visit is one month away – March 5-7.  And Wednesday, March 6, is QEP day!  So…

What is QEP An important part of accreditation is demonstrating that we have an effective Quality Enhancement Plan to improve student learning. 

What is our QEP? ECHO: Everything You Do Comes Back to You.  Starting with the 2013-14 catalog, all students will be required to complete three credits of experiential learning, defined as undergraduate research/independent study, internships, service learning, study abroad or the newly created research intensive courses. 

Why are you telling me this?  Because on QEP day, the accreditation team will walk around campus and ask random people about the QEP and ECHO.  So we need to educate everyone – but more importantly, we want everyone to appreciate the significant impact this new graduation requirement will have on the intellectual growth and maturation of our students. 

This sounds great, how can I help Today starts a marketing campaign designed to bring everyone up to speed and excited about our QEP.  So first, if you have a university-sponsored Facebook page, please like ECHO: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonvilleUniversityQualityEnhancementProgram.  Second, this campaign was designed to target students (faculty, staff and administration tend to read memos and emails), so if we ask you to hand something out, or  make an announcement, or click on a link – please play along.   Finally, educate yourself and get excited, we will be providing daily nuggets of information to do both these things! 

Karen E. Jackson, Ph.D.

Chair, Quality Enhancement Plan

Jacksonville University