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Gary Setzer blends performance art, Electro music Feb. 17 at Jacksonville University

Performance artist/sculptor Gary Setzer, praised by the Huffington Post for his innovative work, delivers his newest performance, “The Black Tongue Lexicon,” at 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 17, in P-19 (the Blackbox Theatre) in Jacksonville University’s Phillips Fine Arts Hall. The performance is free to the public.

Performance artist/sculptor Gary SetzerThe performance is free to the public.

With “The Black Tongue Lexicon,” Setzer re-imagines the landscape through a contemporary lens, merging electronic music and process-oriented performance art to deliver a “nerdy audiovisual spectacle” that recalls Marina Abramović and Joseph Beuys as much as it does 1980s art rockers Devo, according to Setzer’s website.

In what the Huffington Post called “a phenomenal hybrid of his own, integrating video, music and performance,” Setzer revitalizes process-oriented art, paralleling our immersion in the landscape with our immersion in language.

Setzer’s performances, installations, objects and videos have been exhibited and screened extensively. He recently toured his performance work across the United States. The performance was released as a full-length album on the independent label Pretend Records in 2012. Setzer is a Tucson-based artist and an Assistant Professor of Art at The University of Arizona.

For more information, contact JU Prof. Jim Benedict at jbenedi@ju.edu.

On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supralingual-sublingual-tongue/id537968726

Contact: garysetzer@gmail.com, (419) 494-3871, www.garysetzer.com.