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Children’s Book Illustration Scholarship opportunity

 Children’s Book Illustration Scholarship

TISIRI is a non-profit organization focusing on marine habitat creation, preservation, and education. TISIRI’s next project is to publish an engaging children’s book focused on marine habitats. TISIRI is seeking emerging artists and illustrators to submit a portfolio capturing the visual interest of our book.


All applicants must be a US citizen (or non-citizen lawfully and permanently residing in the United States) currently enrolled as either a part-time or full-time student at Jacksonville University, University of North Florida, or Florida State College of Jacksonville. Students must provide proof of US citizenship (copy of passport, birth certificate, or US permanent residency permit are the only forms accepted)

Scholarship Details

Interested artists must submit samples to be considered for the final project. The following styles will be considered: drawing, painting, or graphic art. All media must be submitted digitally. All non-computer generated art must be scanned and submitted on a CD or sent via email.

The selected artist will be awarded a scholarship of $500 to produce illustrations to finalize the project. The scholarship will be awarded once the final project is approved for publication, no later than June 30, 2013.

The work to be commissioned must be previously unpublished and not publicly viewed and will become the property of TISIRI. Acknowledgement of the artist will be made whenever the artwork is used.

The artist will be expected to work in cooperation with TISIRI to produce an acceptable work. The artist will be provided samples of the book on which to base the illustrations. The expected completed illustration deadline is January 15, 2013.

The artist will be expected to participate in any promotions, book events, or media relays, as appropriate.



To receive samples of the book, the artist must complete and submit the application form. Applications may be completed online or sent via email. TISIRI will send book samples electronically to the artist once the application is received. The deadline for artists to submit qualifying illustrations is October 15, 2012. Incomplete applications or illustrations not received by the deadline will not be considered. Application is attached and can be emailed or mailed.

Contact information

For questions regarding the scholarship, application submittals and electronic art submittals, please contact: Jolene@tisiri.org

For mail or hand-delivery of CDs, send to Jolene Roszel, TISIRI Director of Public Relations, 10752 Deerwood Park Boulevard South, Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Children’s Book Illustration Scholarship

Application 2012

First Name: ________________________________ Last Name: _________________________________

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How did you hear about TISIRI’s scholarship?


By submitting this application you are agreeing to not solicit, reproduce, distribute, replicate, in whole or partial, the text, design, or intended meaning of the book samples you receive. Nor will you publicize, plagiarize, or disseminate any information about or related to this book project unless otherwise directed by TISIRI.

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