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Yo, yo, JU: What goes around comes around


If you were at Jacksonville University on Thursday, Feb. 28, chances are you got an earful of the JU marching band’s tunes echoing throughout campus.

And if you’re a student and keen about JU’s experiential learning opportunities, you may have received a yo-yo, to boot.

The roaming lunchtime concert and yo-yo giveaway was a promotion for the campaign to educate the JU community about ECHO — an upcoming new three-credit hour graduation requirement that challenges students to apply what they’ve learned in class to real-world situations. ECHO,  an abridgement of the campaign’s “everything you do comes back to you” slogan, is a commitment to student learning that JU is demonstrating through its quality enhancement plan (QEP). ECHO’s experiential learning opportunities are available through undergraduate research or independent study; service learning; internships; and study abroad.

The ECHO yo-yo contest for students is at noon Monday, March 4 in the Kinne Student Center; winners will receive JU gear. Participants must have an ECHO yo-yo to enter. How do you get an ECHO yo-yo? Contact head ECHO cheerleader Dr. Karen Jackson and demonstrate to her that you have a basic understanding of ECHO.

More information about ECHO is on this website and Facebook.

Here’s a video of the marching band performing Feb. 28 in the Kinne Student Center:


Here are photos of the parading JU marching band — and some JU students who know a thing or two about ECHO: