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JU College of Fine Arts to present ‘Generations: the collaborative project’ March 6-8

By Bill Hill, JU College of Fine Arts Dean


As the College of Fine Arts celebrates its 50th anniversary, we are planning a collaborative project for the downtown area March 6-8, in which an “immersive” production of opera, theater, dance and more will allow audience members to interact within the setting of the performance.

Fine arts has evolved from an emphasis on mainly technical performance into social engagement, in which the arts build the participation, dialogue and expression of the community. So this will be a peek into a process in which audience members can see themselves in the work. They aren’t just digesting the performance, they take part in it.

Generations will consist of three distinct acts as it follows a single family and its legacy to (1) plant the foundation for the future (2) grow the crop to become sustainable and (3) harvest the fruit from previous generations.

The workshop performance scheduled for ArtWalk on March 6 will be an initial investigation of what may become a full-scale staged production.

Ticketed performances to see the work in its entirety are available for 6 p.m. March 7 and 8; no reservations are available, it’s first come.

All performance will take place on the second and third floors of 121 W. Forsyth St. in downtown Jacksonville.

For show Information and tickets, call (904) 256-7677.