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RIVER LIFE: Annual State of the River Report

By Dr. A. Quinton White

The 2018 State of the River Report for the Lower St. Johns River Basin was recently released at the City of Jacksonville Environmental Symposium. As usual, the report contains both good and bad news. This …

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Fit Life: Plogging, the Fitness Craze That Gets You + JU in Shape

By Heather Hausenblas, PhD

Originating in Sweden in 2016, and now a global fitness trend, plogging is one part “jogging” and one part garbage “picking.” It comes with all the health benefits of jogging while at the same time cleaning …

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RIVER LIFE: On flip side, hurricane offers some environmental benefits

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that wreaked havoc on Houston, the question was often asked: Could it happen here? The answer was pretty straightforward: “Yes, it is not a matter of if, but when. Remember Matthew?”

Little did we …

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FIT LIFE: Can time outdoors reduce the nearsightedness epidemic?

Nearsightedness — the ability to see close objects more clearly than those far away — now affects about 50 percent of young adults in the United States and Europe. This is double the prevalence of half a century ago. In …

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RIVER LIFE: St. Johns River susceptible to runoff from forest fires

Fire and water don’t mix, and fire when coupled with a lack of water can create a dangerous combination. This is readily illustrated in the huge wildfire that has recently burned just north of the Florida-Georgia line, and multiple fires …

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Business/English standout Ellis Harr named citizen member of Times-Union editorial board

International Business/English double major Ellis Harr, a Presidential Student Ambassador who also heads Sigma Chi fraternity on campus, will bring his voice to The Florida Times-Union Editorial Board this semester as a citizen member, the newspaper announced.

The five members …

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EverBank executive sings praises of JU, UNF in Times-Union column

In a Florida Times-Union guest column published Friday, Oct. 11, Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida received resounding kudos from Curt Cunkle, EverBank’s president of North Florida banking.

Cunkle recently toured the two universities as a member of …

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T-U and Financial News & Daily Record: JU’s Gilmore, other basketball legends to assist with NBA festivities in Jacksonville

Jacksonville University basketball legend Artis Gilmore is helping lead the community’s hosting of a National Basketball Association preseason game and associated events, the Florida Times-Union and Financial News & Daily Record reported in its Friday, Oct. 4, editions.

As part …

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JU’s Dr. Quinton White talks salinity – or lack of it – in latest Florida Times-Union “River Life” column

Dr. Quinton White, executive director of Jacksonville University’s Marine Science Research Institute, takes on the topic of our river’s saltwater — or lack of it — in the latest installment of his regular River Life column in The Florida Times-Union …

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