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Nine Years After His Death, King of Pop Impacts JU Vocalist

It’s the summer of 1984. The crowds in Jacksonville totaled 45,000 during Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour. Jacksonville University (JU) freshman Cyriac Adjevi-Neglokpe missed that concert. He hadn’t been born yet.

Picture the moment. Thirty-four years ago. Thousands of Jackson …

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5 Things to Do in JAX: When Your Friends Have Homework and You Don’t

By Carley Stickney

I’ve heard the phrase “there’s nothing to do in Jacksonville” at least one hundred times since starting school at Jacksonville University. It has crossed my mind and it’s probably crossed yours, but this just isn’t true! There

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RIVER LIFE: Annual State of the River Report

By Dr. A. Quinton White

The 2018 State of the River Report for the Lower St. Johns River Basin was recently released at the City of Jacksonville Environmental Symposium. As usual, the report contains both good and bad news. This …

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